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    pro mag

    probably the wrong section......but..... anyone used promag mags in their pistols? I can find those for my beretta for about 21 bucks apiece...…..would prefer either factory beretta or mec gar....but those seem to be stupid expensive. View the full article
  3. NJGF Feed

    New guy 1911 on a budget

    So I’ve only recently found my love of shooting, but i know there’s certain handguns that are a staple in most safes. I’ve got permits on the way and I’m thinking a 1911 needs to be in my collection. Keeping in mind I’m on a budget (one daughter in college, the other in private H.S. And an ex wife budget) I’m curious what you guys think is the 1911 to own. View the full article
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    Importing Firearms

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have questions about importing Firearms into the US. I plan to do to import 2 handguns probably by the end of the year. I plan to import from Switzerland. I just want to know the overall cost roughly and the breakdown of it and if anyone knows good importer for collector pieces that would be great. Not trying to get a billboard on guns I get imported. Thanks. View the full article
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    Boulder Co will not comply

    Interesting article here. Not all liberals are anti-gun. View the full article
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    Recall List

    Armalite safety alerts and recalls Armalite AR-10, SPR MOD 1, SPR MOD 2, M15, Eagle-15 rifles Beretta safety alerts and recalls Beretta ARX100 rifles NEOS Pistols Browning safety alerts and recalls Browning BAR MK3 rifles Bushmaster safety alerts and recalls (Bushmaster is part of Remington) ACR Rifle Charter Arms safety alerts and recalls Lady .38 Special Revolvers Daniel Defense safety alerts and recalls Disconnector safety FMK Firearms safety alerts and recalls 9C1 Pistol FN safety alerts and recalls FN SCAR 17S Rifles FN M249S Semiautomatic Belt-Fed Rifles Glock safety alerts and recalls Gen 4 Pistols Model 17M Pistols Howa safety alerts and recalls Howa 1500, 1550, and 1700 LS Rifles IWI safety alerts and recalls Galil ACE pistols Kel-tec safety alerts and recalls Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Rifles Knight safety alerts and recalls Knight Revolution muzzleloading rifles Lyman safety alerts and recalls Black powder rifles and pistols Mossberg safety alerts and recalls Maverick Hunter Over/Under Shotgun Mossberg Model 685 Bolt Action Shotguns Remington safety alerts and recalls Remington model 887 Shotgun Remington model 700 Rifle Remington model Rimfire 22 Thunderbolt TB-22A Rifle Remington Law Enforcement Reduced Recoill 8 Pellet 00 Buckshot Remington 270 Win. 150 Grain Soft Point Ammunition Remington .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition Remington 22 Hornet 45 Grain PSP ammunition Remington 17 HMR ammunition and Model 597 HMR Remington Model 710 bolt-action rifles Remington 38 Special +P Consumer Notice Remington R51 Pistol Savage Arms safety alerts and recalls Savage B.MAG Rifles Sig Sauer safety alerts and recalls Sig Sauer P320 Pistol P238 Pistol Sig Sauer MCX Rifle Sig Sauer SIG716 DMR, SIG516 Carbon Fiber, and SIGM400 Predator Rifles Smith & Wesson safety alerts and recalls M&P Shield Model 22A pistols i-Bolt rifle (November 2008) i-Bolt rifle (January 2008) Performance Center Model 460 Revolvers SW 1911 Performance Center Model 329 Revolvers Springfield Armory safety alerts and recalls 3.3 XDS Pistol Springfield XD-S pistols Sturm, Ruger safety alerts and recalls Sturm Ruger Precision Rifle SR-556VT Assault Rifles American Rimfire® Rifle LCP Pistols SR9 Pistols P85 Pistols M77 Rifles Old Model Mark IV Pistols Ruger American Pistols (9mm) Taurus safety alerts and recalls Curve PT Series Pistols Thompson/Center safety alerts and recalls T/C Compass Rifles Thompson Center Venture Rifles Walther safety alerts and recalls Walther CCP Pistol Walther PK380 Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols Weatherby safety alerts and recalls SA-08 28 Gauge Shotgun (2013) SA-08 Shotgun (2011) Vanguard Rifles Vanguard Stainless Steel Rifles Winchester safety alerts and recalls SXP shotgun Winchester model 94 Winchester XPR rifles View the full article
  7. The rally is a protest against illegal (supersedes state law) legislation proposed by Wolf, the mayor of Pittsburgh and the city council. Here is one local TV story on the rally. Here is the rally thread on PAFOA. Here is one legal response to the sign erected outside city hall. We shall see how closely PA resembles NJ. View the full article
  8. This must make him so warm and fuzzy.. see the state is safer now that another 30 round scary ClipaZine is off the street.... oh, wait, 30 round mags have been illegal since the 1990s... Wait, don't all criminals follow existing laws.... I'm so confused now.... A township man is behind bars, facing several criminal charges, after he fired at least a dozen shots from an AR-15 “assault rifle” during a dispute Tuesday morning, the Pennsville Police Department said. The bullets struck three homes and a parked vehicle but no one was injured, police said. Investigators located several .223-caliber rounds scattered in Morales’ driveway that had been fired by an AR-15, police said. Morales told police he fired the gun in self-defense at a vehicle fleeing the scene following a physical altercation at his home, authorities said. During a search of his basement, police confiscated the blood-covered rifle and a 30-round magazine that had three rounds left in it, according to the affidavit. Police charged Morales with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of an assault rifle, possession of an extended magazine clip and nine counts of aggravated assault. https://www.courierpostonline.com/story/news/crime/2019/01/02/pennsville-nj-police-man-fired-assault-rifle-salem-county-jesus-morales-new-jersey-gun-laws/2463690002/ View the full article
  9. NJGF Feed

    The Ten round mag law

    I got to thinking when I cleaned out my safe how my life has gone in a circle. Back in 1985 my first handgun was a colt series 80 Gold Cup 7 round mag. Back than I thought that was the greatest gun in the world. No other would ever take its place for a few years. Than Came Glock, Beretta, Walther, HK, and Springfield. After getting angry about the Murphy mag law I got to thinking again how my Colt Gold cup, along with my Glock 30 will serve me well in NJ. Back in 1985 I felt well protected with a Colt .45. Its true what they say. Sometimes life does go in circles. View the full article
  10. With the onslaught of negativity riled up by this 10-round magazine cap, I thought it might be good to harness that energy into something positive. So, would you join me in stating your 2019 pro-2A New Year's resolutions? Here's mine - I'm putting them in writing so that I'm accountable - and I intend to report back on my progress: I've been trying to distribute CNJFO pamphlets at various FFLs in Hunterdon/Somerset/Warren and nearby PA ranges. I'm lagging on that badly due to some pressing family issues I had the last couple of months, but I'm going to knock out the rest of the list in January and then keep them supplied year-round. You can all piss and moan about our state's 2A orgs, but I think the more people that join any of NJ's 2A orgs the better off we are. It funds education, recruitment, lawsuits and the like. I think they could use people distributing pamphlets in other areas, too - ask @Smokin .50 if you can have a little time to do that and live in a different region than me. I'm going to keep up my current memberships and add 2 more. I'm currently NRA (lifetime), ANJRPC & CNFJO, but I will rejoin The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) which had lapsed and also join Second Amendment Women (SAW). Last count, TWAW had 4 or 5 chapters in the state, and SAW had 2-3 - they are both growing like gangbusters. More women in the shooting sports is imperative! People, 2A memberships are cheap, there's NO EXCUSE not to join several. I'm going to challenge myself to be an "open 2A advocate" who's transparent about my gun ownership. Right now, I hide it like it's a mortal sin (LOL) - that's going to stop. I will form a habit of inviting people to the range. My goal is to get at least 2 non-gun-owners a month to the range. And I'm going to really focus on recruiting women. I intend to become a regular face at some of these women's events - I figure I can bring my guests to whichever event is closest to THEM and that will make it more likely that they'll attend another time. If someone gets into it, I'll walk them through the FID process, too. I have a couple of pro-2A ideas that I've been noodling on... and noodling on... so I'm going to commit to spending 8 hours a month on pro-2A activities - and that will enable me to get some traction on those, too. What about the rest of you? Remember: what did John Paul Jones say when he was asked to surrender his ship? "I have not yet begun to fight". That's the kind of attitude we need to channel right now! No more apathy... the enemy is at the gate and it's time to get crackin'! View the full article
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/gun-ownership-rates-by-state/46/?ftag=ACQb72972c&vndid=00474a66c55d0c6edfd2589c64ab95a565 View the full article
  12. Has anyone here bought and/or used the Daniel Defense 10 round limited mags before that are similarly patterned to their relatively recent 32 round mags? https://danieldefense.com/components-parts/dd-magazine/dd-magazinetm10-round-limited-state-compliant.html If so, how did you find them compared to other "full size" 10 round AR factory limited magazines? View the full article
  13. i was looking at Cabellas but didn’t see any on the shelf View the full article
  14. NJGF Feed

    Gun on eBay

    OMG. Call the internet popo. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marlin-Model-1897-22-caliber-Lever-Action-Hex-Barrel-Good-Condition/382654168179?hash=item5917f73c73:g:17IAAOSwlx9cAu3F:rk:12:pf:0 View the full article
  15. Several very slow motion clips demonstrating the M1 Garand action https://imgur.com/gallery/3kabN View the full article
  16. Can it happen in NJ? Any LEO with balls? FULL STORY https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/politics/sanctuary-city-for-gun-rights-washington-state-city-mulls-law-to-protect-2nd-amendment.amp Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk View the full article
  17. NJGF Feed

    magazine grease

    I made up some blocks for a bunch of my existing >10 rd mags, but managed to get some debris into some of the mags for my P226, Sig Pro 2022, and Glock 23. To clean the crap up, I have to remove the grease that was in the mags from the factory. Anyone have any suggestions on what to use? I have Shooter's Choice, and Moly Grease on hand, plus various other non-firearms greases, though I don't know if there is a better option. Since the mags may need to be sealed up permanently, I'm looking for something that would last at least as long as the grease the factory used. Thanks View the full article
  18. NJGF Feed

    Hackettstown Guns and Ammo

    Anyone deal with Walter Sevensky? I'll hold my reason for now why I am asking? Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk View the full article
  19. I have never been a big fan of Ron Cohen. He seems to turn good companies into shit. First Kimber and now the continual decline of Sig. BREAKING: Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen Allegedly Arrested In Germany https://www.thefirearmblog DOT com/blog/2018/11/23/sig-sauer-ron-cohen-arrested/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2018-11-24&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter According to German media outlets, Sig Sauer USA CEO Ron Cohen was allegedly arrested in Frankfurt, Germany last month. Reports are attributing the arrest to a contract that supplied Colombian police with Sig SP 2022 pistols without an export license. At the time of the sales and deliveries, Colombia was experiencing a civil war. German authorities are alleging that Cohen and others falsified information to export the pistols in violation of the Foreign Trade Act. TFB is working with Sig Sauer to obtain an official company statement related to the charges. We will bring you additional information as it becomes available. Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen Allegedly Arrested In Germany From NDR.de (translated): The public prosecutor’s office Kiel has arrested the managing director of the American subsidiary of the Schleswig-Holstein armaments company Sig Sauer. The arms dealer is accused of having illegally delivered tens of thousands of pistols to Colombia in a responsible position. In the meantime, he was released on bail. From NDR.de (translated): Kiel District Court wants to prevent the US based arms manager from evading litigation against him and four other Sig-Sauer executives. When and if it will come to the process is still unclear. Currently, the main proceedings against Cohen, the two owners of the Sig-Sauer-Group, Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier living in Germany, and other responsible persons are not yet opened. From NDR.de (translated): The prosecution Kiel accuses the defendants to have delivered more than 30,000 pistols without appropriate permission first in the US and from there to the then civil war country Colombia. This was a violation of the Foreign Trade Regulation, which would be punished with imprisonment of up to five years or a fine. The SP 2022 pistols are now used by the Colombian National Police. From KN–Online.de (translated): Infringements of the Foreign Trade Ordinance are punishable by imprisonment of up to five years or fines. The SP 2022 pistols are now used by the Colombian National Police, according to the prosecution. The prosecution filed a lawsuit in April against Cohen and four other Sig Sauer executives. They are said to have delivered more than 30,000 pistols to the US and from there to what was then the civil war country of Colombia . Sig Sauer is said to have made false figures for export licenses from 2009 to 2012. View the full article
  20. I am stunned. NOT!!! View the full article
  21. NJGF Feed

    Vicious Circle

    Several weeks ago I purchased a pristine Model 27-2, blued with an 8 3/8” barrel, presentation case, tools and docs, from a member of the S&W Forum. The interval between purchase and arrival at my FFL spanned a weekend. My weekends are taken up with shooting IDPA or USPSA. This particular weekend it was an IDPA match. A gentleman in our squad was shooting PCC – the first I had seen anybody shooting in this division. I thought that looked pretty cool, but also thought it kind of cost prohibitive to put together a PCC on an AR platform like he was using. Then I remembered a conversation I had with my gunsmith a month or so before. He was showing me his PCC – a Ruger PC Carbine – and extolling its virtues. My gunsmith isn’t just a smith, he is also a Grand Master in IDPA, USPSA and ICORE, so when he talks, I listen. With that in mind, I started thinking about the Ruger as a means of inexpensive entry into the PCC Division. I started researching prices and found a LGS with a very good price, but still just a little bit more than I wanted to pay, at the moment. So the day came when my 27-2 arrived at my FFL. He is a semi-retired LEO and runs a small store out of the basement of his house (aren’t they always the best kind?) After completing the paperwork for the 27-2 I just casually asked him to quote me a price on a Ruger PCC. I was really surprised when he came back to me with a price significantly less than the LGS had them for – so I had him order me one – what else could I do? So the Ruger comes in and last night I trek over to his house to pick it up. I walk in the door and there is somebody sitting in front of the desk, waiting for his NICS to come back. In front of him there is a S&W box and to the left of that, a stainless S&W revolver. It took me a moment to realize that the box was brand new and the revolver wasn’t. So after inquiring if the revolver was what he bought, and getting a reply in the negative, I picked it up to examine it. It was a 625-3 with the 3” barrel. It still had the original Pachmayr Gripper grips on it. It was in excellent shape. The wheels started turning – let’s see, first the 27-2, then the Ruger – do I really want to spend even more on this 625-3? I figured it was a moot point because I was sure that he’d want much more than I’d be willing to spend, so I said, “I’m not even going to ask.” I completed my paperwork and was preparing to go, I took one last look at it and said, “OK, you got me, how much?” You know that cliché about spraining your shoulder by reaching for your wallet too fast? That was me. He quoted me a price lower than I’ve paid for any N-frame in the last ten years – and I’ve stolen some. Hooked. Since this is NJ, it remains at my dealer until the 30 days from my purchase of the 27-2 are past, but then it comes home. I now have three 25’s (25-2/6.5”, 25-13MG/4”, 25-14/3”) and three 625’s (625-2/5”, 625-8PC/4”, and now a 625-3/3”) and one 325PD in 2.75”. There is nothing like an N-frame in .45 ACP (and before somebody jumps on me and says the 25-13 is a Colt, not an ACP – I’ve had TK perform his magic on it, so it’s both). I’m almost afraid to find out what “bait” my FFL will have laying around when I go in to pick-up the 625-3 – when will it end? (Never, if I’m lucky). Adios, Pizza Bob View the full article
  22. I really don't t want to toss all my mags in the lake so I came up with a way to limit my 15 rnd mags to ten. My only question is making it "permanent" which we all know is BS. Since they are the older X-form screwed together type, can I epoxy the screw heads so you can't take it apart anymore along with the base plate? View the full article
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    Out of NJ Wish List

    Being there has been a few members leave NJ, some planning on it (myself included), and other who may in due time... figured a decent thread would be what people would buy (or have bought) when 2C:39 doesn’t apply to them anymore. Just want to see what people are interested in... without the NJ legal BS to follow. Personally, I made a list of stuff I wanted to do to my current guns. Some of which can be done while I’m in NJ (refinishing pistols or TAC-14, for example), but others will be after I move (bayonet lug/flash hider for my M1A, 20 rounders for my .45 AR, etc). My Fostech Echo lower sitting in PA is definitely another build that will be post NJ. Only one I’m up in the air on is getting a new 16” Tavor barrel, so I have the threads back. Have to look into having some guns unpinned... because my SUB-2000 would be something more fun with a threaded barrel. I also made a list of guns that I wanted to buy. Some were broad types, mostly C&R guns, but a Fulton M1A1 Carbine and S&W M&P10 are on the list. Those are mostly “I’ll eventually pick up.” Nothing too big... CZ-52, Makarov, FN-1900, a revolver or two. Would love a Lugerman .45 Luger... but that is like a $7,000 purchase. TAC-13 is on there... depending on how it rolls out. The big item that I’m actually going to be excited for is the PTR 9CT. I was between it, the SIG MPX, and the CZ Scorpion. SIG will have some faults that will show up in my other investment (see below), and for as much as I like the CZ... I think an MP5 clone will be a better buy. Yes, I watch Die Hard around Christmas each year. I have my GSG-5... which is nice, but I want 9mm. So, I am sort of up in the air on whether or not I’ll SBR it. Want to, as makes things easier in regards to stocks/vertical grips (stock I’d do, vertical grip... eh), but the braces I’ve seen being equipped on the 9CT actually look pretty practical... and less headache to deal with if I travel with the pistol. And while the H&K collapsible stock looks cool... it doesn’t look that fun to shoot up in cold Maine. I’m also looking at the Franklin Armory binary trigger for it, as it is pretty cool... and you can get it setup in a trigger housing directly from HKParts. The selector is identical in function to the one on a full auto MP5. Hell of a lot cheaper than an actual machine gun or transferable sear (which the latter would allow me to just put a stock on the 9CT without a SBR stamp... or at least how I read into it). It might not be full auto, but NJ considers it a machine gun. But the other big thing I’m going into up there are suppressors. Did a little research, and have three specific ones I’m likely going to be looking towards. The DeGroat NANO is just a tiny can, which I’m looking to toss on my P938. Sort of a just because purchase... as I don’t think I’ll have any other gun that I’d want to put such a small can on. The other two are from Griffin; the Optimus and Revolution 45 MOD3. The Optimus is a .308 can, but can be reconfigured to shoot 5.56mm or 9mm (different caps). The Revolution is just a wider version, but more of a pistol caliber only can. Supposedly, the Revolution can run limited numbers of certain rifle ammo through it... but likely not going that route. Both use the same adapters, so could run either on the 9CT in either configuration (3 lug or direct thread) with either suppressor. Obviously, the Optimus will be more of my rifle suppressor... but doubt I’ll put it on the M&P10 (whenever I get it... if I do). Hear a lot of issue with reliability running suppressors... so I’ll likely get my Remington Model 7 threaded. But will be able to go on that PTR. The Revolution is more likely going to be running on .45s... namely my D/I .45 AR and Glock 30S. Might be on Ramon noodles after I do all that, but definitely purchases I want to make. View the full article
  24. NJGF Feed

    Sad time for NJ

    So we lost our NRA supporting representative Tom MacArthur to a Democrat . How are you all feeling about the state of gun ownership in NJ? View the full article
  25. Folks and@capt14k What would you buy: Czech VZ24 in good condition for 350 Or Mosin 91/30 in excellent condition for 380 Both rifles are non matching. For the record, it a first milsurp rifle for me. My consideration is ammo availability, since I’m not reloading, and accuracy for 100 to 300 yards ( if I can put clamp on optics on it) Can you make a recommendation? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk View the full article
  26. An old interesting read I thought I’d share. Some interesting tidbits and history of M4/M16A2 I didn’t know. Given that this was written just before 9/11, it’s interesting to see how some parts of small arms have developed (and some haven’t) over the past 18-19 odd years. http://www.forcerecon.com/strongmenarmed3.htm View the full article
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