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  1. Hello, While we build up our community I wanted to add some valuable content to this forum. For the time being, we will be syndicating to here general firearms discussion from our sister site, NJ Gun Forums. You will be able to find the content here.
  2. Maksim

    NJGFFirst Gun Show

    ...and I don't mean flexing my biceps! Seriously, I'm gonna check out the Oaks Gun Show on Saturday. I won't hassle with buying any firearms (shipping to FFL and what not), but I am hoping to stock up on some ammo. Is ammo normally legit there? Do I need to worry about people stuffing junk ammo in name brand boxes or anything. It will be cool to check out all the guns as well, but purchase will be ammo, maybe an IWB holster to start learning how to draw. Any recommendations on a starter IWB? There are so many, I wouldn't know where to start. View the full article
  3. Maksim

    Hello Hello

    Hello hello and welcome. My name is Max and I am the founder of the Desert Eagle Forum. It has been a long time goal of mine to create a community for owners and enthusiasts of the Desert Eagle branded firearms, be it the original hand cannon or the phenomenal new Desert Eagle 1911s. Fortunately circumstances have finally allowed me to do so. I am a NJ gun guy and not a stranger to forums. Over 8 or 9 years ago now I launched NJ Gun Forums, a large vibrant community for gun owners in the socialist state of NJ. Over the years, many friendships were formed and I hope to do this for the broader segment, for Desert Eagle fans around the world. Thanks!
  4. Hello and thanks for joining us. I am proud and glad to finally launch The Desert Eagle Forum. This is obviously an initial work in progress however we will be adding tons of content here soon. Thanks and looking forward to your contributions.
  5. Maksim

    NJGFReceiving Ar lower

    In the near future I plan on having a rifle cerakoted. I'll be shipping all the parts to the cerakoter including the lower. Can he legally ship the lower back to me or does it have to go to an FFL and be retransferred to me. View the full article
  6. I somewhat remember a thread on this but can't find it. I recently moved near the PA border but work requires I stay in NJ. I was invited to a range in PA (Dingmans) and was just thinking about if there were any restrictions I should be aware of. Most likely I'm thinking there may be some no-no for transporting handguns in state, as I recall an odd law about that. Thanks. View the full article
  7. Maksim

    NJGFTaking new shooters

    Is it me, or do you get excited to take newbs to the range? This Couple will be my 4th and 5th new recruits. After a trip directly to and from RAF on Saturday we will enjoy a dunch or linner at Yard house. ( like over 100 beers on tap). Obviously the conversation I'll steer is how to fill out the " pre printed" ( furnished ala Zeke)forms for their FPID's and P2P 's. View the full article
  8. Has anyone recently flown out of Newark airport with handguns? I'm flying out of Newark on United next month and wanted to know whether anyone's run into any problems. I flew out several years ago uneventfully just want to make sure the same thing happens this time.I know all the regulations, just worried that they've turned into New York City and are arresting people acting legally. View the full article
  9. Hey all, I have learned that I will be inheriting a decent sized collection of firearms from a family member. The problem is that they are out of state and will need FFL help. I'm hoping maybe a member has a home FFL and would be willing to work with me on the transfers. I'm located in Morris county. PM if you have any interest and we can talk more about the details. Thanks View the full article
  10. Going to be in Fla. in March, can I apply for a non-resident permit, & if so what would I have to do? Thanks in advance for the help.View the full article
  11. Interesting article about the spread of constitutional carry... hmmm, makes the coastal anti-gun states of CA, NY & NJ seems a tad out of step with a growing trend. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/444212/constitutional-carry-states-adopting View the full article
  12. So i came across this website while shopping for some ammo for my new 700. Does this deal sound too good to be true? Free shipping to boot! I read some reviews on google...some good some bad. http://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-gold-medal-match-308-winchester-ammo-168-gr-smkhp-gm308m-p-1163.aspx#reviews View the full article
  13. It only loads magazines though Attached Thumbnails View the full article
  14. Taking a chance someone here may be going to Cherry Ridge this week (Wed/Thurs?) and can let my son get a little more time& experince on one. He's not buying one (yet) but will be using one.Did GFH few weeks ago but gets pricy with port & rental fees not to mention $30 a box of ammo! Also a bit more laid back at CR.I know its a lot to ask and of course have our own factory ammo and can leave a few boxes for you. Or maybe let you shoot something we have. PM if interested, thanx. Edit: if your a proficient shooter with it dont be shy with tips... View the full article
  15. I'm posting this here, not the 2A lounge, so it gets ample views... I know the new Whitehouse.gov webpage has been mentioned in a couple of threads... but did anyone notice that there's a "petition page"? People can list an issue, gather signatures and if there's enough signatures within a specified period the Whitehouse will (at least) give a reply to the original poster. It apparently also puts anyone who signed it on a mail list to get updates on that issue. Well, progressives haven't wasted any time creating petitions that show they want their LGBT and climate change pages returned to the website (I kid you not). Interestingly, apparently some ambitious gun owner also made a petition to repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). Now, I'm still enough of a newbie that I lack the breadth and depth of knowledge that many of you have on firearm laws and the political strategy surrounding them. So, what say you, peanut gallery? Is this something people should be signing? It would seem to me the answer would be "yes" - if for no other reason than this >>> a hearty response to any petition like this would be a strong reminder to the administration that gun owners are eagerly awaiting action on the 2A issue. But, I'll leave it to the peanut gallery to debate/discuss before I (personally) do anything. I like to "ponder" before I sign things... that's just me... I mean, does signing put us on a "list" for scrutiny by a later administration unfriendly to 2A...? (...gingerly removing tin foil hat now...) Mrs. P. --- and here's the link to that specific petition btw: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-nfa Update: just putting all direction in 1 place... so you don't have to scroll the thread... >>As poster "accline" pointed out, there's also a 2nd petition to repeal the 1986 Hughes Amendment to the NFA: https://petitions.wh...ughes-amendment >>And as poster "lou" said, you MUST check your email afterwards and click on a provided link to make your signature register. View the full article