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    Hope somebody can point me in the correct direction. I purchased a bran new brushed chrome DESERT EAGLE. I was so so so excited, Until about 5 min after I got to the range, I put up my target, I ran the target out to 25 yards.! I put only 1 round in the clip as by now I think I about peed on myself. Ok here it goes I rack the slide rearward to chamber that first round, and JAM!!!!!. I pop the clip out and rack the gun thus freeing the round, So I put 5 rounds into the clip,thinking maybe needs more upwards pressure. I ran the rack back JAM..Once again I popped the clip and cleared the gun,I put the clip with the 4 remaining rounds and racked the slide, JAM, so I took one of the little yellow screwdrivers and pryed it up till the bolt shut. WOW finally the moment is here, I squeeze the trigger and it was nothing special, I pulled the trigger again and it was still in the rear pos.So I looked at the slide and it was not all the way forward, so I pushed it all the way forward and low and behold it went bang again and low and behold it did not push the slide all the way forward again., I was using top of the line Hornady ammo. The gun has no kick to speak of.. I have a Ruger TOKLAT in 454 Casull now that's a KICK. I just wondered if any of you all out there have purchased a fine P.O.S. as I have. Ill tell you one thing it is a work of art as far as looks, But don't try to shoot a mouse cause the mouse will win. I COMPLEATLY DISSASEMBLED THE GUN DOWN TO THE FRAME> PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, LOADED THAT BAD BOY UP RACKED THE SLIDE, THE MOUSE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY IDEAS EXCEPT FOR A BOAT ANCHOR! ,