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.458 Socom Magazine, NJ ok ?

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Seen this mag on the Tromix website and wondering if this would be NJ OK. The reason I question it, I took a 15/30 hex mag and did somewhat of the same modifications to it. WHY YOU ASK, makes feeding the first .458 round easier. But I am still able to load 15rd of 5.56/.223 ammunition in the mag. It WILL NOT hold 2 rounds or less in the mag (they pop out). When I shove 3 or more rounds, the pressure from the spring presses the rounds against the feed lips. It start holding the rounds in and then I can load the mag normally.  I figured this will function the same way for a 30 round mag round. In my opinion these would be a no go in Jersey, What do you guess think ? Thank you for taking the time and reading this.  


Restricted State, Compliant Magazines.  Available for California/Colorado etc.

These 10 rounds magazines are equipped with black anodized aluminum center feed followers and base plates engraved
".458 SOCOM 10 rounds".  These magazines will not accept a round of 5.56/.223 ammunition and are not readily convertible to 5.56/.223 due to their non-removable base plates. Also available in 7 round capacity. (No shipments to the City of New York or Monroe County New York)


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