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I'll have one thousand dollars to buy a firearm... what should I buy?

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I will have about 1000 extra dollars come Spring, and I want to use it to buy a nice firearm. Maximum is about 1200.


What should I buy?


I don't know... I already have Glock 22, Sig P938, Micro Desert Eagle, NAA Mini Revolver, Beretta Neos, M&P 15 Sport, Winchester Ranger 120, Albanian SKS.


Expensive I was thinking.... like Desert Eagle, SW 500, Chiappa Rhino. To satisfy my inner teenager.


Then I thought I could also get like two or three guns. Then I was thinking a nice 1911, like maybe a Kimber. Or maybe a decent over under shotgun. A FiveseveN? Is that even legal here? Expensive to shoot though. Sub2000 gen 2 possibly along with something else....


Any ideas guys?

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