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Multiple Handgun Exemption + P2P

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hello Gang,


would the gods of NJ handgun laws shed some light on me please?


5 weeks ago, I filed for the application for three handguns..... got it today and raced over to my FFL,  When I got there, he tells me that I need a P2P for each handgun in addition to the app for exemption..   I call back to my Local PD and inform them of this and they claim that that is all what I need... and do not need individual P2P for each handgun... which one is it?


all in all, did not get squat today but more applications for P2P... What is going on?


if the Police knew that I needed three separate P2P, why didn't they provide them when they approved my app for the exemption...


a little background...

( I purchase the handguns from a private citizen ... who handed them to my FFL, until I got the exemption back from NJSP...)


somebody please enlighten me... 


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