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RFiD gun boxes...

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I'm confused..  so the part I get is that the technology is very cool..   what I don't get is that like how/when/where am I supposed to be carrying the chip?   so lets say the chip is in a wristband of some sort.   So like am I supposed to wear that wristband on me 24/7?   Am I supposed to sleep with it on so that in the middle of the night I can access my weapon?


I just saw a video that was a coffee table that had a false bottom that when and RFiD "card" was pressed on it the bottom swung open to release the pistol.   So like do I carry that CARD in my pocket 24/7?


Yes I think the technology is better than a finger print swipe but I'm just confused.  How are you actually supposed to "carry" the chips around with you all the time?   Or sleep with a band on?  Shower with it?   If you take it off to shower then you have left it laying around for a child to take.


I think I would be prone more to leave my "chip" somewhere far away from the weapon when its actually needed.  At least I know my fingerprint is with me 24/7



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