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New Year's Pro-2A Resolutions!

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With the onslaught of negativity riled up by this 10-round magazine cap, I thought it might be good to harness that energy into something positive. So, would you join me in stating your 2019 pro-2A New Year's resolutions? Here's mine - I'm putting them in writing so that I'm accountable - and I intend to report back on my progress:

  1. I've been trying to distribute CNJFO pamphlets at various FFLs in Hunterdon/Somerset/Warren and nearby PA ranges. I'm lagging on that badly due to some pressing family issues I had the last couple of months, but I'm going to knock out the rest of the list in January and then keep them supplied year-round. You can all piss and moan about our state's 2A orgs, but I think the more people that join any of NJ's 2A orgs the better off we are. It funds education, recruitment, lawsuits and the like. I think they could use people distributing pamphlets in other areas, too - ask @Smokin .50 if you can have a little time to do that and live in a different region than me.
  2. I'm going to keep up my current memberships and add 2 more. I'm currently NRA (lifetime), ANJRPC & CNFJO, but I will rejoin The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) which had lapsed and also join Second Amendment Women (SAW). Last count, TWAW had 4 or 5 chapters in the state, and SAW had 2-3 - they are both growing like gangbusters. More women in the shooting sports is imperative! People, 2A memberships are cheap, there's NO EXCUSE not to join several.
  3. I'm going to challenge myself to be an "open 2A advocate" who's transparent about my gun ownership. Right now, I hide it like it's a mortal sin (LOL) - that's going to stop. I will form a habit of inviting people to the range. My goal is to get at least 2 non-gun-owners a month to the range. And I'm going to really focus on recruiting women. I intend to become a regular face at some of these women's events - I figure I can bring my guests to whichever event is closest to THEM and that will make it more likely that they'll attend another time. If someone gets into it, I'll walk them through the FID process, too.
  4. I have a couple of pro-2A ideas that I've been noodling on... and noodling on... so I'm going to commit to spending 8 hours a month on pro-2A activities - and that will enable me to get some traction on those, too.

What about the rest of you? Remember: what did John Paul Jones say when he was asked to surrender his ship? "I have not yet begun to fight". That's the kind of attitude we need to channel right now! No more apathy... the enemy is at the gate and it's time to get crackin'! 

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