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Out of NJ Wish List

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Being there has been a few members leave NJ, some planning on it (myself included), and other who may in due time... figured a decent thread would be what people would buy (or have bought) when 2C:39 doesn’t apply to them anymore. Just want to see what people are interested in... without the NJ legal BS to follow.


Personally, I made a list of stuff I wanted to do to my current guns. Some of which can be done while I’m in NJ (refinishing pistols or TAC-14, for example), but others will be after I move (bayonet lug/flash hider for my M1A, 20 rounders for my .45 AR, etc). My Fostech Echo lower sitting in PA is definitely another build that will be post NJ. Only one I’m up in the air on is getting a new 16” Tavor barrel, so I have the threads back. Have to look into having some guns unpinned... because my SUB-2000 would be something more fun with a threaded barrel.


I also made a list of guns that I wanted to buy. Some were broad types, mostly C&R guns, but a Fulton M1A1 Carbine and S&W M&P10 are on the list. Those are mostly “I’ll eventually pick up.” Nothing too big... CZ-52, Makarov, FN-1900, a revolver or two. Would love a Lugerman .45 Luger... but that is like a $7,000 purchase. TAC-13 is on there... depending on how it rolls out.


The big item that I’m actually going to be excited for is the PTR 9CT. I was between it, the SIG MPX, and the CZ Scorpion. SIG will have some faults that will show up in my other investment (see below), and for as much as I like the CZ... I think an MP5 clone will be a better buy. Yes, I watch Die Hard around Christmas each year. I have my GSG-5... which is nice, but I want 9mm. emoji41.png


So, I am sort of up in the air on whether or not I’ll SBR it. Want to, as makes things easier in regards to stocks/vertical grips (stock I’d do, vertical grip... eh), but the braces I’ve seen being equipped on the 9CT actually look pretty practical... and less headache to deal with if I travel with the pistol. And while the H&K collapsible stock looks cool... it doesn’t look that fun to shoot up in cold Maine.


I’m also looking at the Franklin Armory binary trigger for it, as it is pretty cool... and you can get it setup in a trigger housing directly from HKParts. The selector is identical in function to the one on a full auto MP5. Hell of a lot cheaper than an actual machine gun or transferable sear (which the latter would allow me to just put a stock on the 9CT without a SBR stamp... or at least how I read into it). It might not be full auto, but NJ considers it a machine gun. emoji16.png


But the other big thing I’m going into up there are suppressors. Did a little research, and have three specific ones I’m likely going to be looking towards. The DeGroat NANO is just a tiny can, which I’m looking to toss on my P938. Sort of a just because purchase... as I don’t think I’ll have any other gun that I’d want to put such a small can on.


The other two are from Griffin; the Optimus and Revolution 45 MOD3. The Optimus is a .308 can, but can be reconfigured to shoot 5.56mm or 9mm (different caps). The Revolution is just a wider version, but more of a pistol caliber only can. Supposedly, the Revolution can run limited numbers of certain rifle ammo through it... but likely not going that route. Both use the same adapters, so could run either on the 9CT in either configuration (3 lug or direct thread) with either suppressor.


Obviously, the Optimus will be more of my rifle suppressor... but doubt I’ll put it on the M&P10 (whenever I get it... if I do). Hear a lot of issue with reliability running suppressors... so I’ll likely get my Remington Model 7 threaded. But will be able to go on that PTR. The Revolution is more likely going to be running on .45s... namely my D/I .45 AR and Glock 30S.


Might be on Ramon noodles after I do all that, but definitely purchases I want to make.

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